Mexico With CARE Travel

Buenos Dias from Riviera Maya, Mexico! The CARE Travel team recently returned home from an incredible week where we were able to tour some beautiful properties and finalize some exciting CARE Travel plans for the coming year.



Upon our arrival we were each greeted with a cold hand towel and a glass of champagne. After checking in we escorted to our three-bedroom suite in a golf cart! When we entered the room, we were thrilled as we discovered the infinity pool on our deck and the proximity of our rooms to the main pool and beach. This layout would be perfect for family reunions, because the rooms and infinity pools on the deck are all connected. It would a fun way to be near family members, but to also have your own private space as needed.



Gourmet Inclusive Experience

Each day was filled with delicious gourmet inclusive food served to us with wines from all over the world. We were fortunate to be there at the same time as the Canadian Beef and Napa Wine Week. The amazing food was cooked by Chef Paul Rogalski and was made better by the fantastic wine pairing by Ben Fine. These culinary experiences actually take place every single month at Karisma Resorts, during the first and second weeks. All of the food they made for us was delicious! We were most impressed with the variety of vegetarian and allergy sensitive options throughout the duration of our stay. In addition to the amazing alternatives, we were informed that they grow all of their produce on site at the resort. The greenhouse there is as large as a football field!



The options for weddings in Mexico is essentially limitless. Take a  look at some of the ceremony sites we have hosted at this resort….


Memories by Jen Bailey Photography


Water Bungalows

Getting to tour the over water bungalows, in Mexico, was definitely a highlight of the trip. As we approached the pier that led to all of the bungalows I could see all of our eyes widen with appreciation for the beauty that was before us. Looking at the pictures doesn’t even do justice to how incredible they truly are. My favorite part about them is that you can climb down into the ocean and walk to the beach along a sandbar.



Beautiful Beaches

I really loved how peaceful the beach at our resort was! There were so many incredible beaches to choose from, you would be able to find one that suits your wants. The cabanas stay set up all day, perfect for an afternoon nap or an afternoon of sunbathing. We were pleasantly surprised to find the the ocean was warmer than our pool! It’s not hard to guess where we spent our free time…

Shot from the Sky Terrace with 180 views (you could have your wedding up here!!)


“Travel. It leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller.”

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