Creating Quality Family Vacations

How do you define a quality family vacation? We believe family vacations need to revolve around bonding time. We have introduced a new travel trend to CARE Travel’s clients, offering the ability for volunteer activities while abroad. Now, we offer experiences that blend sightseeing and hands-on activities, while widening our children’s eyes to new cultures.  We believe through this “impact travel” it will allow your family more quality time to reconnect and create a more meaningful vacation experience.


What are some activities your family enjoys doing?

If your family has a love for animals, visiting a destination where you can help play a role in protecting the planet by conservation, like planting trees, gardens, or learning more about endangered species, could be a good fit for you.


Maybe your kids love to work with their hands. You now have the opportunity to make a real difference by helping build a home for a family who would not otherwise have this basic necessity. Don’t worry, you won’t do this along, you’ll instead work aside expert builders who manage and delegate appropriate tasks to you.


Or, maybe you want to learn more about another culture. Directly immerse your family by visiting a new destination and helping in that community, alongside locals. Enjoy deep interaction and appreciation of another way of life. Share laughter and getting to know the community. Through this more cultural way of travel, enjoy enriching experiences while working together to make a difference and create a quality vacation experience for the whole family to enjoy.


Looking for more information on how to get started planning your next family trip? Visit our NEW website’s Family Vacations Page

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