Signature Cultural Immersion Experience: Italy’s Wine Country

This summer, my family  packed our bags and jetted off for about a month of adventures in and around Italy. During this vacation, we experienced so many wonderful moments. Looking back, it is nearly impossible to choose one as my “favorite”, but a wine tour we participated in, in Italy, really stuck out….   We woke up anticipating to partake in a group wine tour. On the way to the vineyard, our driver-guide asked more about us and what we were looking for from our stay in Italy. From our conversations, he made a few quick phones, changed paths, and ended up escorting us to a locally Chianti region family owned winery! This small winery has been in the family for over 200 years, and is still ran by the three great grandsons.  When we pulled up, to this beautiful limestone home with farms as far as we could see.

Upon our arrival, the oldest brother was out picking the vegetables for their dinner, while the middle brother gave us the tour. We tried green plums fresh from the tree, and tomatoes picked fresh from the garden. And as a tomato fan, I will proudly admit these were the best tomatoes I have EVER had (and I loved my grandpa’s home grown Kansas crop)!

After the tour of the farms we moved to the cellar where they make and store their wine.  Their wine is still locally produced and only sold direct, and not mass market wine.

Then, on to best part – the wine tasting!  We tried seven different wines, paired with one of the farm’s homemade olive oils and bruschetta.  As an owner of  a small business, supporting local is something I love to do, sooooo we may have bought a few bottles of wine to be sent home 🙂

One of our favorite wines was the Tuscallia Chardonnay; not only was it refreshing, but the story about how it came about is really personal to the family.  The brother was traveling in Australia and left his hound dog at home and was missing him dearly. When he got home from his travels his dog (named Tuscallia, a combination of home Tuscany and his favorite travel destination Australia) became the mascot of the new wine he personally created!

There is no better experience in the world than one where you get to participate and learn the history and culture behind a small business. Experiencing the passion and love this family had for creating and sharing wine and organic produce was moving.  CARE Travel loves to help our clients create these kind of personal experiences, the ones where you get to immerse yourself in the local culture of your destination.

Niki (71)