Travel Agents VS. Booking Online

Looking for a relaxing vacation? Start from the beginning, by hiring a travel agent to make your vacation planning and travels seamless. We at CARE Travel consistently create fantastic, stress-free travel experiences for hundreds of people a year.

Specialists.According to a recent poll of 1,200 consumers, almost one-third polled spent an excess of four hours, over multiple days, planning their own vacations. As travel agents, we travel to destinations and experience cultures, hotels, excursions, etc. first hand. We will provide real-life scenarios and experiences, that are best fit for YOU. Because of this, we are able to spend more time building a relationship with our clients and more efficiently finding the best destinations for travelers, based on personal experiences. Save Money.Travel Agents offer competitive pricing with online sites like with Expedia and Kayak, while providing personalized attention. We don’t just take your money and book your trip, we have detailed processes we follow to get to know you, your must haves, and budget, first. We provide you with detailed quotes that include real-life photos, what’s included (and not included), and comprehensive-inclusive rates. We are eager to make your vacation dreams a reality, and will work hard to find the best prices. Hidden Fees? Not here.Travel Agents are trained in reading the “fine print”. Have you ever booked a hotel or rental online, paid for it, arrived and were hit by an unexpected additional fee? Not with CARE Travel. We always make sure your full vacation is pre-paid, prior to your departure. We even sit down with you, before you leave to go over any additional budgeting to expect, like money exchange, a typical tip amount in that destination, average meal cost, etc. Our initial quotes always include hotel, airport transfers, and travel insurance, so then you can view the FULL vacation amount, not just the hotel portion. We encourage travel insurance, so if an unexpected scenario does occur, you can cancel your reservation for a refund. We Care.There is nothing worse than being on hold with a customer service line for multiple hours. As agents, we are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You get our person cell phone numbers, while traveling, so if there is a question or emergency, you can easily reach out for help. We don’t just book your vacation and wave goodbye – we are with you through the full process.. each step of the way… until you return back home safely.

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