CARE Travel’s Signature Vacation Experiences were created to escape from the ordinary, and to go above and beyond! These itineraries for our vacation packages are not something you can just book online. We go beyond the expected, to provide you with an experience that is completely customized to your desires and checks off all those “must have” moments. We diligently work with our trusted suppliers and contacts, to ensure you have a safe, unique vacation experience, above anything imaginable. Let your dreams run wild and we will make them come true with the perfect vacation packages.

What type of travel experience are you looking for in a vacation packages?

Culinary Vacations


CARE Travel’s Signature Culinary Experiences vacation packages go beyond the great meals and roots into the cultural traditions of the region you’re traveling, uncovering traditions of food preparation and savoring the best of local flavors. Experiences include Hands-On Cooking Classes, Private Chef & Wine Experiences, Food & Wine Pairing, and Personalized Brewery & Distillery Tours, just to name a few!

Get ready to create some unforgettable memories and don’t forget to send us a postcard!

Destination Wedding


If tying the knot in an idyllic location is your dream- we are here for you! CARE Travel’s certified Destination Wedding Designer works with the couple to coordinate all travel arrangements, wedding planning, and act as the liaison between the clients and on-property coordinator. Your personal designer will arrange all details, from reception venue, spa appointments, down to the color of the boutonniere. We even travel with you, during your big day, to ensure all details on the property are taken care of and everything is perfect for your “I Do’s”. In addition, CARE Travel goes a step further and becomes the main contact for all wedding guests, arranging all travel details for your loved ones, as well, to ensure your wedding experience is up most enjoyable and stress-free.

World Adventures


CARE Travel’s Signature World Adventure Experience is your personal invitation into a tantalizing world of exploration travel, from guided tours, to off-the-beaten-path wonders, to travels enriched with cultural exploration. Whether you’re a solo traveler, or traveling with a group of friends, your point-to-point possibilities are endless

Your destination could consist of multiple cities and countries or some simply day-trips safely arranged by your trusted Travel Designer.

Yearning for adventure? Indulge in the experience of a lifetime.

Cultural Immersion


Travel differently – make a difference!

CARE Travel invites you to travel with a purpose. We have proudly partnered with companies who are extending their arms to make a difference and giving back. Whether it be overseas or local outreach; this is travel that creates connections, communities, and culture.

Beginning in 2017, when you travel with CARE Travel, a portion of your trip payment will be donated, in your name, to a charity of your choice.

wellness destinations


Take an opportunity to disconnect from everyday routines, and take your mind and body on a relaxing journey. We can arrange a Zen atmosphere away from it all to unwind and treat yourself to spa and spiritual treatments to help you refocus. While traveling you’ll have the opportunity to be absorbed in cultural immersion through discovering alternative ways of life, and enjoy an array of locally-sourced dining options to diversify your mindset.

Romantic Escapes


There are simply some idyllic moments that make us reconnect and fall in love. From intimate proposals, to elaborate destination weddings, vow renewals, and all the anniversary travels in between, we will create a romantic experience for you and your loved one to share. Whether your dream vacation away includes some R&R time, simply enjoying one another’s company as you lounge out and rest your minds; to more elaborate adventures, discovering something new with your partner in crime – we’re here to ensure your next vacation packages is one to remember.

Over Water Lodging


Set sail or sit back and relax overlooking the sparkling sea. Charter the world’s most amazing waterways, or float down a grand river through a historic European city. Some of our most popular, exotic destinations are only reachable on small ship cruising.

Get Seasick? No problem. Your overwater getaway can include the pampering amenities in an over water bungalow, gazing at the turquoise Caribbean waters from every room.

No matter what corner of the globe you choose, CARE Travel’s Signature Overwater Lodging Experience vacation packages offer unique memories that will last a lifetime.

Secluded Luxury


Are you ready to experience private moments that will last a lifetime? CARE Travel’s Signature Secluded Luxury Collection is the ultimate way to escape from it all. Designed for those who wish to disconnect from the world and relax in ultimate isolation.

We are here to enhance your overall customized vacation experience, vamping your vacation to include amenities like private VIP transfers, secluded lodging options at every end of the world, and private guided excursion vacation packages– Find your escape today!

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