The CARE Travel team, exists to create travel experiences that make a difference in the lives of everyone involved. We do this by customizing travel plans which incorporates itineraries that challenge our clients to have more local, in-destination experiences and create positive impact to communities visited. We believe that everyone can benefit from a travel experience, of any kind. We believe that most people strive to have a deeper version of who they are,  and we know that travel provides this value by client benefiting from exploration  and hands on experiences of  diverse cultural experiences.

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We work in relentless pursuit to make everything we do tomorrow better and more impactful than we did today! We aim for excellence. We all pitch in, we are a TEAM. We get dirty if necessary. We get the job done, no matter what… but we strive to accomplish it during office hours. We believe in being “present where your feet are”. When we’re at work, we crush it, we produce big, needle-moving results. When we’re not at work we live well, enjoy ourselves and reconnect with our personal lives and values.

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We are growth-minded. We are clear in our expectations. We anticipate. We think before we act. We plan before we execute. We believe that our only competition is who we were yesterday. We invest in ourselves to grow both personally and professionally. We are passionate in pursuit of personal development and understanding our own strengths and weaknesses. We have the inner desire to further the growth of the agency with our unique personalities, talents, and need to learn more. We celebrate our milestones and cheer lead our team as they work toward their own. We are independent -starters, life-long learners and strive for candid and constructive real-time feedback in order to learn and grow.

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Elevated Client experiences

We focus on exceptional results, not daily to-dos. We believe that you can achieve anything if you are focused, hard-working and have a road map. We give our all to exceed traditional customer service standards, we go above and beyond for client’s experience. We prepare, plan and provide to empower our clients with knowledge and insider tips and tricks. We will always create out of the ordinary travel experiences, by listening and customizing travel to client’s needs, desires and exceeding expectations.

Group Travel


We are centered around inclusion in both our company and our community. We are a culture of “Team Work makes the dream work”. We will always work together, across borders, to exceed the expectations of our clients and communities. We will always, without excuse, follow through on our commitments to clients, our community, our company, our team and our suppliers.

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make a difference

We are giving in both local and global communities. We believe in asking, “how can I help?” no matter where we are. We believe in showing up for others with our hands, our hearts and our finances. CARE Travel gives 16% of the company service fee away in service of those who need it. We will set the standard for what it means to show up well for others.

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We choose honesty and loyalty! We choose to ground ourselves in gratitude. We have a transparent work environment centered around honesty. We understand that candid and constructive real-time feedback and crystal-clear expectations is needed for both personal and professional growth.