Best of the Best Babymoons!

Hello, Rebecca here from CARE Travel. You may have read my other blogs in the past that revolve around adventure travel, but in the past few months I’ve been “taking it easy” as I’m expecting! This new addition to our family has inspired me to create this blog of the best babymoon locations.

What is a Babymoon?

“Babymoon” is simply a term that refers to vacationing in the months prior to having your baby. Dedicate this vacation to getting some beauty rest in a serene location, let yourself (and spouse!) be pampered, and enjoy some together time before your life gets hectic. In my professional option, this is totally necessary! If you are thinking about jet-setting to a far away destination, or prefer a stay-cation not too far away, start packing your bags now, because I have some great ideas for your babymoon!

But… Zika?!

As a travel agent, I was a bit worried when I first fond out of was pregnant. Would I still be able to fly? And with the Zika virus buzzing around every news program, mommy article, and pamphlet at the OB’s office…. I was a very nervous my travel career would need to be put on hold for the next nine months. I was soon comforted by my doctor. She let me know it was perfectly okay to fly during the majority of my pregnancy and even though she did not recommend traveling to locations with Zika (unless you are prepared with a bug net and doused bug spray) there were many other locations that have been declared “Zika Free” that are perfectly safe. If you are worried about Zika, I’d suggest using the following link to view the areas of the world affected: CDC Website: Zika. It offers a great interactive map you can play around in and learn more, straight from a credible organization.

Beach lovers unite

The Bahamas, Grand Cayman Island, and Hawaii are all beach lovers’ paradises that have all been listed by the CDC as “Interrupted Transmission” making them all great locations for a babymoon. This means scientists have determined the virus is no longer present in these locations. Looking for the whitest, softest sands to nest your toes in? Check out these great options.

Hawaii is home to hundreds of beaches. Maui in particular stands out above them all. With countless notable beaches including Napili Bay (calm waters), Ka’anapali Beach (1.5 miles long), and Keawakapu Beach (away from the crowds). Hawaii presents a fantastic option for exploring via boat and by land. The accommodations range from condo-style lodging to upscale hotels. You won’t find an all-inclusive here though, for an all-inclusive experience, we head to the Bahamas!

The Bahamas is a series of islands located just an hour plane ride from Miami. Nassau and Exuma are the two islands we find most popular, as they both offer all-inclusive resort options for travelers to take advantage of. The ease of pre-selecting your desired budget, and having an array of gourmet foods, drinks, and activities all at your fingertips during the duration of your vacation is tantalizing.

The beach at one of our favorite resorts in the Bahamas
Can you see yourself relaxing with this view?!









Grand Cayman Island introduces us to Seven-Mile Beach. The name speaks for itself, awarded in the top five best beaches in the Caribbean with an adjoining shoreline which is home to numerous luxury resorts. Just a short distance away is the capital, George Town, known for its beautiful architecture and bustling shopping scene. This location will likely be a stop if you partake in a Western Caribbean Cruise! If you are pregnant and cruising, please take extra note to specific cruise line guidelines. For example, Princess Cruise sets their limit at 24 weeks, Celebrity Cruise Line’s limit is 26 weeks, and Royal Caribbean will only allow travel aboard under 27 weeks.


Whichever beach you choose, it will create the perfect atmosphere to sport your sun glasses, plop down on a beach lounger, and enjoy a mocktail!

Rest and Relaxation


If you are hoping for a destination closer to home, a state-side vacation can be just as perfect! Oozing with state-of-the-art spas, destinations like Arizona or California may be your ticket.


The artsy, quaint town of Sedona Arizona offers an array of peaceful lodging and activities. Surrounded in magnificent red rock formations, spas offer earthly-inspired treatments using natural elements to enhance your experience.


Head west to California, where pretty much any city you choose you will be a stones throw away from fine dining, site seeing, and world-class spas. If you are craving the outdoors, arrange a day trip into the Red Wood Forests, to be wowed by mother nature. For a more upbeat option, venture into one of the big cities like San Diego or San Francisco. Shop, dine, and site-see as much as your heart desires. Or, practice the art of relaxation, at one of the many spas offered in Northern California, where you can get away from it all.


Whatever location you choose for your babymoon, you’re sure to enjoy your time and reconnect with your loved one, as you await the arrival of your little bundle. CARE Travel is here to help find your perfect vacation experience. Contact us today for more information and to set up a personal consultation with a designer.


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