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We are inspired by companies who combine travel with volunteerism. Hands Up Holidays are one of those companies. They provide opportunities for you to make a difference in a meaningful way while also experiencing luxury, sightseeing, and relaxation. What better way to share the world with your children than to change the world together!

From 5 years old, children can get involved, especially in wildlife conservation projects. They can even lend a hand on some building projects – under close supervision! And even if your children are under 5, they can focus on playing with the local children and gain insights into their lives; which will remain with them in later life, instilling them with compassion and empathy. These trips are 100% customizable. You pick the volunteer opportunities, all activities, number of days (for both volunteering and touring). The following locations are perfect for giving back in an inspiring way!

1. Costa Rica

There are so many ways to make a difference here!

Help at a wildlife rescue center: 

  • Prepare meals for rescued or injured monkeys, parrots, sloths and more
  • Feed the animals
  • Create enrichments to stimulate the animals and assist the vet on his daily rounds

Help at a medical clinic that cares for Nicaraguan refugees:

  • Assist the doctors by taking notes in sessions
  • Enter patient data
  • Help make the patients comfortable as you help this free clinic provide the much-needed care

 Care for turtles

  • Monitor beaches and protecting eggs from predators
  • Remove plastic from the sea

make a difference sea turtle in costa ricaOther Experiences:

  • Chocolate making class
  • Zip lining (min. weights apply)
  • Nature walks
  • Safari
  • Kayaking
  • Volcanoes
  • Rafting (min. ages apply)
  • Beach relaxation
  • Snorkeling or diving


2. Zambia

Build a home for a widow and her children. Most importantly providing them with a home that will withstand the coming rainy seasons. Because of this, the family will be much healthier and the children able to attend school more regularly. This also helps with fewer sick days. A decent place to live makes a massive difference to increase positive life outcome.

make a difference with children in ZambiaOther Experiences:

  • Go on safari (in nearby Botswana or other parts of Zambia such as South Luangwa)
  • Victoria Falls (from both the Zambian and Zimbabwean sides)
  • White water rafting on the Zambezi River
  • Flights over the Falls

3. Kenya

August is one of the best months to be in Kenya, specifically in the Masai Mara. This is where you get to observe one of the natural world’s greatest spectacles: the Wildebeest migration. During your trip you can help install an ecological stove for a family living near the Masai Mara. Subsequently this actually helps to reduce respiratory problems. You can also help build a classroom for a school on the edge of the Masai Mara.

make a difference on safari in kenyaOther Experiences:

  • Safari and the Wildebeest migration
  • Explore Nairobi
  • Hike around Mt Kenya
  • View Mt Kilimanjaro
  • Beach relaxation and snorkel

4. Hungary

Head to Central Europe and create furniture out of pallets for low income families. After that you’ll have the chance to experience the fascinating capital city, Budapest.

exploring hungaryOther Experiences:

  • Children’s railway
  • Treasure hunt around Budapest
  • Cruise on the Danube
  • An open-air cultural museum
  • Spy reenactments
  • Therapeutic baths

5. Italy

Serve meals for the homeless at a restaurant. This provides delicious meals in an uplifting, dignified setting. You will gain insights into the lives of people living on the margins. As a result, imbued with greater compassion and empathy as a result.

cooking class in italyOther Experiences:

  • Gladiator training school
  • Kayaking
  • Cooking class
  • Private, exclusive visits to the Sistine Chapel and the Uffizi
  • Exploring Lake Como in a classic wooden speedboat
  • Hiking in the Dolomites
  • Cycling around fascinating Puglia
  • Relaxing on the Amalfi Coast

In addition to the locations above, here are a few more locations that are popular for volunteerism as well!


If this seems like something you may want to learn more about, please reach out to us today! There are so many ways to make a positive impact through travel. You can check out a few of our favorite organizations here. We would love to help you make a change.

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