Morocco National Geographic Journey

Hello, I’m Travel Designer Morgan. It’s been almost two months since I’ve returned from my Moroccan Adventure and I’m still having a hard time trying to put this once in a lifetime experience into words. I had the opportunity to travel with G Adventures on their Morocco National Geographic Journey group tour and it was above and beyond my expectations.

                                                   Morocco has the most beautiful doors!

Now I’m sure some of you saw group tour and instantly became uninterested. I don’t blame you! I think that group tours has a stereotype that you’re on a giant bus, surrounded by crowds of people, and the guide herds your group around to different sites, or at least this is what I thought. G Adventures offers SMALL group tours, with a max of 14 people, that has been defining adventure travel for the past 25 years. My absolute favorite part of G Adventures is you get the local experience with absolutely no effort. G Adventures supports the local communities, by only staying in local accommodations, eating at local restaurants, and supporting local tour guides. With seven different travel styles I promise there is a perfect fit for everyone, and if you’re ever curious and want to learn more about G Adventures I’d be more than happy to chat!



I had no idea there was other terrain besides the Mountains and Sahara Desert, so needless to say I was shocked at the beauty of the countryside.


But enough about G Adventures, I could talk about this amazing company all day long. When I first found out I was accepted to go to Morocco I was shocked. To be honest, I opened and closed my email about six times because I thought I was being pranked. Then I realized I did not really know much about Morocco, but this made it even more exciting. Because I was traveling with G Adventures, I knew that our local guide would take care of us and explain everything we needed to know once we arrived. Our local guide, we called him Momo, was one of the most giving and kind human beings I have ever met. Our nine day journey in Morocco started in Casablanca and ended in Marrakech, which allowed us to see a total of nine cities. Momo was so excited and passionate about showing us his country that it was impossible not to be equally as excited. My biggest recommendation for traveling to a new destination is go outside your comfort zone and fully immerse yourself into the culture! From riding a camel through the Sahara, making a fort to spend one night under the Sahara Desert stars, to wondering the busy streets of Fez, learning to cook authentic Moroccan meals, trying camel fat and camel pizza, and observing the first night of Ramadan I feel like I experienced so much Morocco had to offer. All of these memories will be with me for a lifetime!

Niki (71)