#THANKSgiving Photo Challenge!

Thank you for traveling with CARE Travel! Without all of our wonderful clients we wouldn’t be able to continue living our dream here at CARE. As a small token of our gratitude, we’ll be holding a friendly

competition, so that we can give back a little of our appreciation!

The reward will be a $50 Disney Travel Voucher*!

Competition Details

The competition will be open from November 22

until November 27, at Noon.

Here is all that you need to do:

Make sure you’re friends with the CARE Travel Facebook account (Facebook.com/caretravelmemories).

Post your favorite picture of you/your family to Facebook.

Tag @CARE Travel in your picture! This is important, otherwise we won’t know you’ve entered.

Let everyone know you’re competing in the CARE Travel THANKSgiving Photo competition!

Ask your friends/family/acquaintances/frenemies to ‘like’ your photo!

Tell Me How to Win

At Noon on Monday, November 27th, we will be looking at all of the family photos we’ve been tagged in and tallying up how many ‘likes’ each photo has. Once we’ve calculated which photo has the most ‘likes’ we will be contacting that person to let them know they’re the CARE Travel THANKSgiving Photo winners!

Don’t worry about the pictures being professional or perfect. Heck, the more candid the better! We want to see your personalities in these photos. Just choose your favorite/funniest/cutest/weirdest picture of your family, and rack up as many ‘likes’ as you can!

The Reward

Once we’ve counted up who the winner is, we will contact you on Facebook letting you know that you’re the champion! We’ll post on our Facebook page who the winner is and we’ll also send you a message on Facebook with details on how to claim your $50 Disney Travel Voucher.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to dig through all of those old (or new, that works too) photos and select your prize-winning pic to enter into the THANKSgiving Photo Competition!

Niki (71)