Yes You Do Need a Travel Agent

One of the most popular questions we hear at CARE Travel is, “do I really need a travel agent?”. The answer is simple: YES! We could go on all day telling you horror stories about travel gone wrong. One common theme you would notice is that all of these troubles could have been avoided if a travel professional was involved. So rather than babble on, we are going to keep this simple and to the point. This is a simple comparison that one of our agents recently shared with a client and well we think it’s worth sharing with everyone!

Vacations Aren’t DIY Projects

Let’s talk about a DIY project. That project you found on Pinterest and just know that you can do it! Your project begins by looking up the directions on the internet. You think to yourself this should be a breeze and you go on to begin your project. Next, fast forward through the part where you browse the aisles at Home Depot for two hours. You’re searching everywhere for the screw they mentioned in the plans. Unfortunately none of the professionals have even heard of it! Next you find yourself staring at a pile of lopsided wood that barely looks like a piece of abstract art.


At this point you stop and think to yourself, where did I go wrong? Why didn’t I just go buy this project already finished? You have the mental argument over the fact that you thought you would be saving money doing it yourself. Unfortunately you spent money on something you can’t use and wasted hours of your valuable time! Feeling overwhelmed and like you’ve wasted your time is so common when planning a vacation as well. The internet is vast and it’s easy to feel overloaded with information.

We Are Professionals

As an agency we work hard to keep up to date on the latest information. We make sure people end up with beautiful vacations! Ending up at some resort that resembles the Bates Motel would never happen under our watch. We save you time and stress. You don’t need to spend hours browsing the internet looking for resorts and reading endless reviews. CARE Travel agents are your personal travel google! We will filter out the bad and make sure you know exactly what you are getting. Vacation’s aren’t free and shouldn’t end up being like that lopsided piece of wood. Don’t forget we are also there to help you after your trip is booked, and while you’re traveling! When you have questions, when your flight is cancelled, or there’s a natural disaster.


You Really Do Need a Travel Agent

If things go wrong, we are the only call you’ll need to make. Because of this CARE Travel is kind of like that 800 number you wish you could call when you realized the screws you bought don’t work the way you need them to!  Just like that DIY project, take time to do it the right from the beginning. It may not be as cheap as that trip you found online. From beginning to end, and you will have the beautiful vacation you imagined! We even have vacation experiences to help you narrow down your trip type!  Remember, like that DIY project things aren’t always as simple as they seem (online booking – *cough cough*) and there is usually a catch. Next time you ask yourself if you really do need a travel agent, remember that the answer is YES!

Niki (71)