The Value of Travel Experiences

Travel is far more than “just” a trip, travel is valuable to everyone. I want to share with you my top 10 reasons to travel.

1. To Learn about the world

There are a lot of things, you cannot learn about in school. These type of things you must fully immerse yourself into and experience for yourself to understand fully. Travel is the best way to dive into culture, history, geography and language. Travel feeds our minds and educates us exceeding any textbook or travel guide.

2. To get away from everyday life

Everyone needs to just fall off the radar for a little while and feel that they are “free”. Although we can’t stay gone for long, there is something about disappearing for a time for you to just unwind and decompress. Take some time for you and let all your worries and stressors stay at home. Getting away from everyday life allows ourselves to be more adventurous and willing to try things we normally wouldn’t. Let’s be honest, most people don’t allow time in our everyday lives to truly switch it off. Travel allows us to escape daily demands, chaos and recharge our batteries.

3. To Learn about yourself

There’s something to make note of that we often get into the same routines with the same people and the same habits. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it’s always a good idea to learn new things about yourself. Traveling sparks interest in new activities you may take home with you, new recipes, new phrases, new desires. There’s always room for self-improvement, physically and emotionally.

4. To see the beauty

Whether you have religious beliefs or not, we can all admit that our earth is breathtaking. There are so many gorgeous places and so many intriguing creatures that we have never seen in person, and how cool to! How many people have seen the Northern Lights in Alaska, or the black sand in Costa Rica, or the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris? These things are why we have bucket lists! It is an unforgettable experience, and one we recommend you make time for.

5. To try new food

If you’re anything like us here at CARE Travel, you enjoy trying new foods. Food is the way to our hearts here. If you’re someone that enjoys trying new foods, you understand. If you’re someone that eats chicken tenders and fries for dinner every time you go out to eat, this is for you. Even if it is by trying a new dipping sauce for those chicken tenders and fries, you may surprise yourself. You can do hard things. I had gone to Italy a few years back and I read about this famous “black sauce spaghetti” and that it did not look super appetizing, but supposedly it was amazing. I was skeptical, but knew I had to give it a chance. That was the best meal I had in all of Italy. It was a lot creamier than I anticipated, and so worth the risk.

6. To test the limits (get out of your comfort zone)

All too quickly, people tend to stick with their routine. Sticking with the same date nights, restaurants, activities, people and habits. It can be uncomfortable to get out of your comfort zone, but this is what creates enrichment, adrenaline and memories of your life.

7. For your health (social media, screen time, unplug)

This ties into unwinding, but this is a big one in today’s world. You don’t go on vacation to stare at your phone and watch tv. A lot of stress people deal with today, is rooted from the expectations and judgement you think other people have over your life on social media. It feels good to have experiences and memories from your life that can only be relived through stories you create. We believe to travel, is to live and if your stories all include “of course I couldn’t get my video to start fast enough”, were you really in the moment?

Social Squares

8. To connect (For quality time with someone or multiple people)

There is something about spending time with people on a trip that really bonds you to that person for life. You are more open-minded and accepting to see someone else’s perspective on something. It’s easy to settle past struggles with someone when you’re staring at a vivid sunset on the white sanded beach, and it feels as if nothing else could be so perfect except that moment.

9. Fernweh

It’s like a knot in your stomach or a wedge in your mind, filling you with a deep longing that urges you to get outside and discover the nooks and crannies of the planet. If you feel this deeply about travel, you’re doing something right because there are so many places to see and food to eat and hobbies to try. I have never heard of anyone that has completed their bucket list, because you just keep adding another place to go or things you feel that you need to do! Don’t let life get in the way too many times before you make the time for your passions.

10. Because life is too short

Life truly is too short. Between just trying to be and earn a living and have whatever life you have when your “home”, and trying to see the world, most people would respond with that’s why I said “trying” to see the world. We have no idea what our plans are and how long we have. With the way the world is today too, we must get out there and see what we can, while we can. There’s a lot that plays into life being short, but you want to make all those special moments, and we want to help you.

Moments create lifetime memories!

Niki (71)