2020 Travel Trends

January took it’s time, February is flying by and there are so many trends that are still growing. We are looking forward to the exciting travel trends that this year holds! It was hard to narrow it down, but we were able to come up with our top 5 travel trends.


Group Travel

This trend only continues to grow as more and more destinations are catering to the needs of this category. Group travel is so doable in all-inclusive resorts in a wide variety of destinations. A lot of times fun extras can also be thrown in like spa packages, candlelight dinners, even credits for free rooms. This can include trips like friend getaways, family reunions, destination weddings, really any travel type where it’s a group. Group rates and benefits begin at just 5 rooms!


Mystery Getaways

Completely taking the effort on your part out of travel planning and adding a surprise factor, mystery travel is going to be HUGE this year! When you speak to one of our travel designers, they’ll ask you a variety of questions to find out details like budget, trip type, length of stay, dream destinations, etc. That allows us to come up with the perfect SURPRISE trip. Clues are sent along with tickets, packing lists and more leading up to the trip. This travel style would also make an incredible gift!


Wellness Travel

Wellness travel has been a trend that has continued to grow over the last few years. As people focus more on bettering their personal health, it’s spilled over into vacations as well! Yoga retreats, spa focused trips, and experiences in destinations with more of a spiritual emphasis. This can be done in both small group and large group settings. 


Small Group Guided Tours

Nothing has officially been scheduled yet, but we are waiting to announce our travel designer Morgan’s next small group guided tour! In 2018 she was able to visit beautiful Morocco with G Adventures. If you’ve followed CARE Travel social media accounts for any amount of time you’ll know how much we all love G Adventures and the experiences they provide. We think their concept totally envelops this trend. Perfect for solo travelers seeking a little extra guidance, a group of friends, or even couples. 


Intimate Business Retreats

In 2019 CARE Travel had the pleasure of helping to plan and facilitate the Sparkle Hustle Grow, Work Hard Play Hard Retreat. It was hugely successful, and fun event that encouraged professional growth and didn’t break the bank. We realized that business retreats in this kind of setting seem highly difficult to plan. In reality, with the resort relationships CARE Travel has developed over the last 18 years, we were able to secure some incredible extras and plan for that group size extremely effectively.


Studies show that employment retention rates are at their highest with companies that encourage and assist their employees in actually using their vacation time. One of the latest trends for building relationships with active and future clients is experiences together. When you travel with your clients, you begin a new level to your relationship. Clients begin to see you as a real person and not just a business person. This helps to establish trust and loyalty. We’re excited about all the possibilities available here!


Honorable Mentions

In addition to the five trends that we mentioned, we have to give “honorable mentions” to a couple other trends we don’t see slowing down anytime soon. Sustainability is here to stay and sustainable travel is a travel trend that we can get really excited about. Not only is it better for the planet, but because it’s grown in popularity it’s become cost effective and aesthetically pleasing! Last but not least is Solo Travel. We firmly believe that this is a travel style that everyone should experience. It grows you in ways you wouldn’t even know were possible! We love the additional option of joining in  a guided tour for parts of a travel experience. 


2020 is going to be an absolutely amazing year! We can’t wait to see where it takes us, and more importantly where we can help take you. Check out our resources to get you started, but make sure to call us when you’re ready. Let us know if there are any travel trends that you think will be popular this year!

Niki (71)