Pack For A Purpose Celebrates 10th Anniversary


Our team at CARE Travel is proud to congratulate our friends at Pack For a Purpose on their TEN YEAR anniversary!


Since 2010, their non-profit website has made a major impact on communities around the world. With the help of AMAZING volunteers, the organization has delivered more than 364,601 pounds of essential supplies. Over 60 countries have received education, health, child, and pet supplies.


How does Pack For A Purpose work?


It’s as simple as letting the Pack with a Purpose website guide you in packing an extra 5 POUNDS in your suitcase. The organization guides you to pack the most critically-needed supplies. Then they help coordinate getting them to the organization once you arrive. 

The Sandos Hotels & Resorts throughout Spain and Mexico work closely with Pack with a Purpose. Throughout the year, Sandos collects numerous items donated by its guests and staff. Together, they visit local communities to deliver these items to those in need! What a meaningful, beautiful way to enrich your travel experience!


How can you support this outstanding organization?


It’s easy. If you’re planning to travel soon, visit the Pack with a Purpose website. Select your destination, choose the accommodation or tour company and the project it supports. Next choose the supplies you’d like to bring, and drop them off once you reach your destination. The help you provide to a local community will elevate your vacation from “fun and relaxing” to potentially “life-changing.” For the locals and yourself!

Even if you don’t have any trips scheduled, you can support this worthy cause by helping founders Rebecca and Scott reach their goal of making Pack With a Purpose a fiscally sustainable organization. Visit their GoFundMe page to make a monetary donation if you can.Their goal is to graduate from an all-volunteer organization to having two full-time staff members. The staff will manage the website and work to expand Pack With a Purpose’s outreach.

Going forward, keep Sandos Hotels & Resorts and Pack With a Purpose in mind when planning your excursions for 2020 and beyond!

Lastly, our team at CARE Travel will be happy to work with you to make this endeavor a reality!


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CARE Travel strives to make a difference.

Let’s cheers to Pack With A Purpose’s amazing accomplishments!


President of CARE Travel


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