Travel is Resilient: COVID-19

CARE Travel has been making travel dreams come true for more than 18 years. There have been countless events that have rocked the entire travel and hospitality industry. Things such as the financial crisis in 2007, natural disasters that occur all the time worldwide, and many epidemics throughout the years (H1N1, Ebola, Swine Flu, Zika). They have each changed the way we travel and sometimes changed the way we live, much like COVID-19 is doing. Throughout all of these events, one thing has remained consistent… Travel is resilient! There is no stopping the travel bug. At least not long term.


Right now things are drastically different and people aren’t traveling. They’re staying indoors, prioritizing social distancing and adjusting to a temporary “new normal” due to COVID-19. Things are changing quickly right now. Despite staying updated and knowing that the changes we’re implementing daily are helping, know that it’s okay to be disappointed about cancelling a trip. I know several of our CARE Travel agents are!



Many of us are home right now, or hopefully staying home, but know that the act of PLANNING travel puts us in the same peaceful and happy place as BEING in a destination! What an amazing way to prioritize your mental health, just start planning that next vacation. You can bring some joy into your life by taking time to dream about the places you want to go. Remember to place value on your happiness, it contributes to your health!

Get Inspired

1. Contact US! There is no better time than now to seek out professional travel guidance. We have the industry experience and it’s our job to help you navigate this world. CARE Travel designers truly care about your vacation experiences.

2. Create a dream list and a Pinterest board or two, and don’t forget to tag @CARETravel on your pins! There are bucket-list trips, road trips, and  even weekend getaways. They are all worthy of some Pinterest attention. It’s a great visual planning tool and will definitely boost your mood.

3. Are you thinking about trips you’ve recently had to cancel or reschedule? Many airlines aren’t offering refunds, but are waiving change fees for future flights. It’s such a relief to think that your trip is just postponed and not cancelled! It is helpful to call and speak to an actual person about fees and potentially upcoming offers! Stay on the look out for some exciting and unprecedented promotions and deals to come.  Are you getting the CARE Travel Newsletter or Promotional texts?

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Travel is resilient, and the world will come back stronger than ever, I have no doubt! We’re counting down until we can all head out on all of these postponed trips! Check out our travel FAQ’s, we might have some answers you’ve been looking for.

What are you doing to stay positive during COVID-19?



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