CARE Travel’s new partnership with Pohutukawa Motorcycle Tours!


Interviewing Colin Rowe, owner of Pohutukawa Motorcycle Tours

As a travel agency, our goal is to bring value to your vacation, and by doing so, assist in creating memories that will last a lifetime. We personally travel to different regions enabling us to provide first-hand knowledge to share with you, our clients; however, our relationship with our suppliers who are actually IN the destinations are equally as important for success.

CARE Travel is a family owned company, so we are keen to partner with other family owned companies, as we understand the hard work and personal attention that these businesses encompass. This month I had the opportunity to speak with one of CARE Travel’s valued suppliers, Colin Rowe, who owns Pohutukawa Motorcycle Tours, and explore how they begin and how they will bring value to your next exploration…..

Colin began our conversations with explaining a little about why he began PMT (Pohutukawa Motorcycle Tours)…   “Over the years, my wife [Lynette] and I have had the opportunity to experience some of the most enjoyable motorcycle riding in the world – in places as diverse as New Zealand, Canada and the Continental USA. Jointly we’ve clocked up over half a million miles, in all sorts of weather, yes even snow, and through all sorts of terrain. We are seasoned riders and understand what makes an exciting motorcycle tour –  One that will create memories to last a lifetime.”

Pohutukaw Motorcycle Tours grew from Colin and Lynette’s love for riding is now something they are excited to share with others. The name, Pohutukawa (pronounced “Po-who-too-cah-wah”) is a tree which grows along the coast of New Zealand. The Kiwi’s view this tree as a symbol of new beginnings and fresh start. Each year, around Christmas time, the pohutukawa tree flowers, which has why this tree has been gifted the name The New Zealand Christmas Tree. It lets you know that summer is coming, and for these two adventurous folks, that means it’s time to get on the road and enjoy the ride.

 “People ask us about our company name…. To us riding allows us to revitalize our spirts and recharge our internal batteries. Each tour, no matter how lengthy, is an opportunity to reset our clocks and start fresh with new experiences and memories.” – Colin Rowe

Why work with Pohutukawa Motorcycle Tours?

PMT creates customized and comprehensive motorcycle package and routes, that suite any riding style. Riding allows you to see the “touristy” sites, but also get off the beaten path and explore the local flavor, without worrying about your next gas stop, overnight accommodations, or where to eat. PMT arranges all those details for you, in advance, so you can enjoy the ride and maximize your experiences.

What kind of clientele is the best fit for Pohutukawa Motorcycle Tours?

Colin explains that his goal is to appeal to all rider, regardless of years riding experience. Providing a range of routes, as low-key as a weekend get-away, up to a multi-week adventure, PWT can customize routes based on your personal time frame and desires.

“We cater to those folks who want a short trip along the coast or into the mountains, while at the same time we also cater to those of you who want to see as much as possible in a limited amount of time. We focus on providing a memorable experience balanced between riding and enjoying the scenery rather than a speed trip.”

PMT offers packages for one to ten bikes. If you fall into one of these categories, PMT offers a package for you:

–        New to motorcycle touring, and are not sure where to start.

–        Ladies only touring, led by Lynette

–        Older, more mature riders, who are requesting a specific riding style

–        Family rides

Colin works with each client to develop a tour that will bring value to their experience. Whether it is a modified package deal to take in the regular sights or you have a location and route in mind that you’d like to experience, PMT is eager to work with you!

As our interview wraps up, Collin says, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video has got to be worth 10 thousand words; especially if it puts you in the rider’s seat amongst some amazing scenery and fantastic riding conditions.” He encourages anyone interested in touring to search “Pohutukawa Motorcycle Tours” on YouTube.

You can also visit his website: , and make sure to let them know CARE Travel referred you, for exclusive pricing and VIP Treatment!

Niki (71)