Honeymoon Guide – Groom’s Edition

It’s about time we address a certain wedding tradition that seems to have gotten lost over time. You know how it goes – the bride basically calls the shots and well the groom, he just keeps his fiancé happy? Keeping her happy is a priority, but the groom is also responsible for the honeymoon! Surprise! This doesn’t have to be hard especially when you can recruit the help of a trusty travel agency (CARE Travel cough cough). So grooms get ready to take notes as we provide you with some tips on how to plan the honeymoon of your dreams.


1. Talk to your Fiancé

Don’t go ahead and plan something without getting a feel from your fia conversation with your fiancé. You might not want her to pick the location but you certainly want to know what she wants. Is she looking for a fast paced, tour filled adventure or does she want to relax on an island? These are important questions to ask before you plan your dream vacation of skiing in Utah only to find out your fiancé doesn’t even know how to ski!


2. Budget

This is a must for all vacation planning. Setting a budget from the get go will help you set realistic expectations. If you just jump online and start looking up amazing honeymoons only to realize you are $10,000 over budget your dreams will be crushed and nothing in your budget will ever live up to that honeymoon you found & can’t afford. There is something out there in your budget and your agent can help you find it!


3. Travel Time

Before you start looking at exotic locations that can take up to 24 hours to get to stop and think about your travel window. If you and your fiancé only have 5 days off from work do you really want to spend 2 full days traveling? This is important to think about so you can maximize your honeymooning time.


4. Make it a Surprise!

While the bride’s input is vital, it isn’t necessary for her to know the exact location. We all know that she has done plenty of planning and a big surprise in the form of an amazing honeymoon is such a perfect ending to your nuptials.


5. Use a Travel Professional

It’s obvious that using a travel designer is the way to go when it comes to honeymoon planning. We can help to help you find something within budget, plan things that might not be found in a Google search, and give you insider knowledge. Trust us, this is not the trip you want to mess up like that time you thought you were staying at a fancy resort and when you arrived it looked like a Motel 6. An agent can make sure you know what you are walking into and help you feel confident you didn’t miss any steps in the planning process. Not to mention they can also add some romance to your trip by making sure you receive any honeymoon perks your resort has to offer.


6. Get the Insurance

You never know what could happen! Your college buddies might get a little rowdy and you up end up with a sprained ankle. Weddings can get wild sometimes! Insurance will make sure that you still get to go on your honeymoon and thousands of dollars aren’t wasted.


7. Plan Ahead

A honeymoon should not be an afterthought. Just like you saved up for a ring you should be saving for a honeymoon and have it booked months in advance. This should be an unforgettable trip not something you throw together on (*insert travel website here*) the week before the wedding. Take your time and put some thought into this one. It will be the first trip you will be taking as a married couple!


8. Splurge

This is once in a lifetime and should be different from any other vacation you and your bride to be have ever been on. Don’t be afraid to go for the upgrade or somewhere on your bucket list. Now is the time to do it all!



Well guys, we hope this helped to shed some light on your responsibilities as a groom. This might not be something you were expecting but there are certainly worse things than planning a vacation, especially with the resources we can offer you!

Niki (71)