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Let’s be honest- how many of you have been dreaming about your fairytale engagement? You know, the one where your special someone follows those “7 commandments of proposing”. I actually got engaged recently and my fiancé did an AMAZING job planning the proposal. It even worked out that about 6 of the 7 “commandments” were followed ? (my nails weren’t painted because that would have been a giveaway since they’re never painted). He planned a spontaneous trip for me to visit him in Colorado, which included a hike (I kept trying to change the location of the hike- oops!!) in Estes Park at Kruger Rock. About an hour and a half later we finally made it to the top of Kruger Rock, surrounded by the breathtaking scenary, and he completely surprised me by proposing. Not only that, but he had the best secret photographer in the world, my aunt!!! Needless to say I was very surprised. One of the photos below is where she was hiding the entire time waiting for us!

The best part about the whole proposal experience is that it was completely about Ben and I and the things we like to do! As soon as we hiked down we got ice cream and calzones for lunch, drove the Ridgeview pass, took a nap, and ate cheese and crackers for dinner. Lucky for him, we had connections in Colorado so the planning was a little bit easier. But if you’re the one proposing this can be overwhelming!! Where do you even start with the planning with all these steps?! CARE Travel would LOVE to help you plan this once in a lifetime moment, as we specialize in romantic escapes. Here are some of the things we can customize just for you….. Engagement PackagesWhen you think of engagements I’m sure champagne, roses, photos, candlelight dinners, and other romantic gestures pop into your mind! CARE Travel can create a customized engagement package specifically with you and your soon to be fiancé in mind, tailoring all the elements to your interest.

DestinationsYou saw that step about making the proposal really, really epic? That’s our specialty! Here are just a few of our favorite destination proposal locations: The Caribbean- Whether it’s staying in over water bungalows over turquoise Caribbean waters, relaxing on soft sand at an all-inclusive, luxury cruising to exotic destinations, or yacht sailing in the world’s most amazing seas you have an endless amount of options to propose in the Caribbean! We can help you plan Catamaran cruises, candlelight dinner at sunset, swimming with dolphins, helicopter tour, scuba diving, and much more. Tell us your vision and we’ll help you create that!

 (See that photo on the right? That’s the owner of CARE Travel, Niki, and how her hubby proposed to her… with a dolphin in Jamaica!!)  EuropeAlways dreamed of a romantic picnic in front of the Eiffel tower? Gliding through a canal in Venice on a gondola? Circling around on top of the London Eye? Floating over Barcelona in a hot air balloon ride? These are just a few “epic” proposal ideas that your CARE Travel designer can plan for you! We’d love to find out your interests and passions to design the perfect European proposal.


AlaskaBoth an Alaskan cruise and a land adventure are perfect for picturesque snowy weather. Soar above glaciers in a helicopter, hike around Denali park, or observe the northern lights for some amazing proposal idea. We know the most romantic locations in Alaska to help make this a reality.

Disneyworld/Disneyland There’s a reason it’s called the most magical place on Earth! At Disney, there are so many options for the perfect proposal whether that be in front of the castle, with the help of their favorite character, or during the firework show. CARE Travel has Disney Specialists that can help you plan every detail!

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