Signature World Adventure: The 5 Best New Zealand Motorcycle Tours

The country of New Zealand is composed of two main islands, located in the Southern Pacific. Offering a selection of mountains, zig zagging coast lines, rolling farmland, canyons, tight twisters, and thick native bush, New Zealand’s landscape creates a rider’s paradise. CARE Travel has teamed up with Pohutukawa Tours to give you a brief snapshot into what is waiting for you when you take a Pohutukawa Motorcycle Tour, as part of our Signature World Travels Collection.

 “While the riding will be fantastic, we believe that a balanced tour will always include sightseeing and experiencing firsthand what the country has to offer. Each day contains a wow factor as you experience the local sights firsthand and immerse yourself in the local culture.” Says owner of Pohutukawa Tours, Colin Rowe. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to ride New Zealand, meet friends and have a great time.” 

The 5 Best New Zealand Motorcycle Tours, by Colin Rowe 

Pohutukawa Motorcycle Tours is delighted to offer you these experiences and welcomes you to make memories and experiences of your own, when you join them in New Zealand.  Meet Your Hosts 

Similar to CARE Travel, Pohutukawa Motorcycle Tours is also a family owned and operated small business. Above, Colin and Lynette, owners of PMT, are pictured taking an ice cream break in New Zealand, during a hosted tour!


Tour #1. 17 days in the North Island

$4,910 per rider based on a minimum of 3 riders. Multiple rider discounts are available. 

Riding through the historically rich “winterless North” of the North Island, you will experience great ocean scenery while riding roads that are very lightly traveled. This tour includes a farm stay on a working sheep/cattle station along with beautiful beach front accommodation.Combined with easy riding is a visit to Hobbiton, Glow-worm caves and the thermal rich center of the island.

Stopping on the way at the thermal center of the North Island before zipping through the easy corners surrounded by native bush.The North Island has many back roads that take us well off the beaten path with little traffic and great scenery.

 The weather in the “Far North” of the North Island is Sub-tropical, (that “Winterless North” thing) and the landscape is covered with native bush, orchards, and lush farmland, crisscrossed with interesting back roads.

Tour #2.         17 days in the South Island

$5,455 per rider based on a minimum of 3 riders. Multiple rider discounts are available. 

Riding the mountain passes of the South Island will take you from rugged high peaks to fantastic rain forests while you enjoy well maintained roads with little traffic. The sweeping corners on the west coast will remind you of the Californian PCH, as you ride south with the Southern Alps and inland towards the east.

The temperate climate combined with a blend of rugged country and pockets of open farmland crisscrossed by rivers and streams will give you plenty of fun riding. The South island offers many sightseeing stops and distractions from the road, like zip lining, jet boat rides and for the really adventurous, bungee jumping! Some overnight stops in Queenstown will drop you right in the adventure capital of NZ.

Tour #3.          26 days in the North Island & parts of the South Island

$7,745 per rider based on a minimum of 3 riders. Multiple rider discounts are available. 

The sub-tropical weather of the North Island welcomes you with warm sunny days, starlit nights and lush bush, orchards, and farm land. The bush is alive with native bird sounds, and many peaceful back roads lead to hidden lakes and quiet locations. Beginning in the North Island this tour loops part of the North Island before crossing the Cook Strait to the South Island and then returning to the North Island to complete the tour. In the South Island, you’ll tackle some higher elevation riding and enjoy a visit to Queenstown for some land based attractions, such as jet boating and bungee jumping (Briefly land based, mostly air…).

Stopping along the way we enjoy relaxing ocean front accommodation, and visiting villages for cultural experiences.

Tour #4.          26 days in the South Island and parts of the North Island

$8,031 per rider based on a minimum of 3 riders. Multiple rider discounts are available.

Touring the South Island gives you a different view of the country. With its more rugged terrain and higher elevations, you’ll find the South Island provides more challeging riding days. Combined with the lush native bush and very light traffic, this tour gives you a look at the the laidback style of NZ. Add in hot pools for relaxing and you have some fantastic days.

In this tour you will experience the South Island loop. Then crossing the Cook Strait to the North Island, you will ride through a more pastural countryside.

This blended tour takes you through the entire South Island loop and through parts of the North Island visiting Glow Worm caves, Native Bird display and Hobbiton.

You’ll even experience a small part of the world-famous Queen Charlotte Drive – Considered in the top 10 riding locations in the world!

Tour #5.          33 days split between the North Island & South Island

$10,752 per rider based on a minimum of 3 riders. Multiple rider discounts are available. 

The Cadillac tour with options on which Island to start and end (North to South or South to North). This full tour combines all of Tours #1 through #4, immersing you into a month of New Zealand.

This Cadillac tour adds extra days for rest stops in location that showcase the best of both islands. You choose which starting location you want to begin in and then just ride the dream.

On the way, we stop at the world famous (locally) NZ Niagara Falls- well worth the visit. Combine this with great canyon riding is around almost every corner.  For more information, please call CARE Travel or, visit PMT’s Facebook page for more great photos!

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