Describe Your Adventure ___

Everyone’s perspective of adventure travel is different. Some envision this as going to a far-out land, like those places you only see on Nova or on a search of Pinterest. Some consider this type of travel more of a daring event, like travel that includes bungee jumping, or climbing to an ungodly height to see the world from a whole new perspective.

Who Am I?

I personally view this type of travel as stepping onto the road less traveled. Let me start by introducing myself…

My name is Rebecca and I’ve been an agent at CARE Travel for just over two years now. I choose a career in hospitality because it allows me the flexibility to move around to different locations every few years, and really explore different areas and cultures. I consider myself a “young professional” which, in my opinion, means I choose my job based on how much experience I would receive in return, versus how much money I’d make doing it. Hand-in-hand, I don’t have much disposable income to travel, and traveling is my passion, so I created this blog to share with similar-minded people how adventure travel still can be a reality for you.

Finding Your Adventure

My personal favorite mode of transportaion includes a wooden paddle and some trusty hiking boots. I married a man who spent many of his years guiding on the north shore of Lake Superior (both by boat and by foot) so I’ve been able to feed off his knowledge of the outdoors.

My husband made this cedar strip canoe. We take her everywhere.

Together we spend out days off lost in the woods of northern Minnesota. That is my form of adventure travel. When the weather turns too cold (or rather the 10+ feet of Northern Minnesota snow blocks us out) you’ll find us on the back of a motorcycle down south, on the twistiest of roads, stopping at all the little food and craft markets that dot the sides of those ghosty roads.



What to expect from the unexpected

I never expect a specific outcome from adventure travel – I feel as it is ever changing with the seasons, animals, political happenings, and environment, and as long as you are prepared for your adventure, a “wow” outcome will present itself.

Enjoying sunset on a fishing boat.
When I climbed a series of waterfalls. This is the smallest one. It was a terrifying, yet exhilarating experience.
My husband and I kayaking the Sea Caves in Wisconsin.









Because of this I never set specific expectations and am always fascinated by the unexpected. I would describe my favorite “unexpected” moment is the sighting of moose.I love these majestic creatures and to stumble across those large breeds in their natural habitat makes me freeze in place with joy.

That’s me, crawling through a frozen cave on Lake Superior.

Admittingly, I have never even captured a photo of one, as I get too caught up in the moment and can’t remove my eyes from the sight. That right there is a memory. There are not tangible photos, just that memory created by a special moment.

Overall, adventure travels are really whatever you want them to be. A moment you didn’t expect, a place you’ve never explored, that jaw-dropping view you still can’t fathom is real. Embrace life, the world around you, and those little moments that will last your brain for eternity.



Niki (71)