My Favorite Honeymoon Spot

Hello, Travel Designer Laura Beyer here. I was recently asked, “Where is your favorite place to send honeymooners?” My reply shocked the asker… “It doesn’t matter what my favorite place is, I’m here to find my clients paradise, not my own.”

As a travel professional, I had to learn, not everyone has the same opinion or tastes as I do.  I personally LOVE to take luxury vacations that involve relaxing in a lounger, on a beach, staring out into the blue water or reading a good book for the afternoon.  My evenings involve having a nice dinner, perhaps watching a little entertainment provided by the resort, and heading back to our room by 9-10pm to relax some more.

This may sound like the perfect balance for you on your honeymoon, or it’s quite possible, you love excitement and adventure. What kind of professional would I be if I sent you off to a quiet little resort with nothing going on?  You’d come back and tell your friends and family, “THAT WAS THE MOST BORING HONEYMOON OF ALL TIME!”, Right?

This is exactly the reason I always interview my clients, ask in depth questions about what they like and dislike, help them figure out a reasonable budget for their desires, and work my magic to accommodate them (or you) on the honeymoon experience you’ve been dreaming about.  It’s not about just rushing in and suggesting destinations and resorts, it’s about matching the destination to you as a couple.

This is YOUR honeymoon, what do you like to do together as a couple?  What are your individual interests? Do you want to spend your honeymoon at a beach destination, or would you rather take a cruise throughout Europe? Do you want to be constantly active, or is vegging on the beach your thing?  What are the top 3 destinations on your bucket list?  The choices are endless, and the choice is yours.

When you contact myself, or any of the professional designers at CARE Travel, your best interest is what’s on our mind, not duplicating our desired trip for yours.

Niki (71)