Packing Essentials

Travel days can become hectic without the right preparation. Of course, you’ll feel your best when you know your trip is taken care of (that’s what we’re here for), but we can’t pack for you. We can share some of our top packing essentials though. This list is tried and true and I always travel with every single item listed! The true packing essentials.

1. Noise Canceling Headphones

These help provide a peaceful environment no matter who you’re seated near or what’s going on during your flight. Whether you want music, or just some quiet, noise-canceling headphones will improve your flight quality.⁠

2. External Battery Pack

Because there’s nothing worse than sitting at your gate, with no outlets in sight watching your battery drain. This is especially painful when you know you’ll be boarding a flight with no outlets at your seat!

3. E-Reader

Kindle is a great option, or you can just download the app to your phone or iPad to make reading even more travel-friendly. I love physical books, but I can’t deny that the convenience of an E-reader is incredible. ⁠

One of my favorite discoveries has been my digital library card. A great way to read books, but not spend the money on buying new ones ALL the time. Check out a book, read it during vacation, and return it without spending a dime or taking up valuable packing space. Audiobooks are available here too! I personally use the Libby App and log in using my local library card info.

4. Tech Pouch

Keep all those cords organized! If you’re like me you end up packing way more cords than you realize you even have. ⁠There’s nothing more annoying than digging through your bag mid-flight looking for your phone charger or pulling out a tangled mess of cords when all you wanted was your headphones.

5. Travel Sized Lotion

Combat dry skin on travel days – even more as we transition into Fall and Winter. I noticed a need for this a lot on my last trip. The air on planes is dryer, I always feel extra dehydrated, and we’re all using a crazy amount of hand sanitizer right now. No complaints there, but it is nice to follow that up with some hydration.

6. A Quality Bag

This makes a travel day so much more comfortable. I recently upgraded my luggage to an Away set, and I will never go back. Organized, easy to transport, lightweight, and durable. I was really impressed with the lifetime warranty offered through Away and I have been hearing nothing but good things for years. I’m so glad I finally took the plunge!

7. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes et me up for success while packing, during a trip, and repacking to head home. I feel more organized, and my stuff just seems to fit in my bag so much better. I also love keeping my shoes in shoe-specific cubes – it feels way cleaner!

8. Silk Eye Masks

Create a sense of luxury despite the craziness of flying. Slip on your eye mask (when combined with noise-canceling headphones this is truly lovely) and enjoy a peaceful rest. Especially helpful on red-eye flights or for long travel days.

9. A Second Wallet

Something I always travel with now. Keeping all your cards and cash on your person once you’ve reached your destination is unnecessary. I now leave my wallet in the hotel safe and use a smaller wallet with just one credit card and my driver’s license when I’m out and about. I highly recommend checking out our blog, “When Travel Gets Messy,” to read more about this.

10. Reusable Water Bottle

Not only makes staying hydrated easier during your travel day but also makes it easier in your destination. I am known for carrying my hydro flask with me everywhere and I’m no different when I’m traveling. Although you have to empty your bottle to go through security, you can fill it up as soon as you’re done at TSA! Easy, and saves you from spending $5 on an airport bottle of water.

Is there anything that you cannot travel without? A packing essentials list could truly go on and on, but these 10 are an absolute must in our book!

Niki (71)