Picturesque Alaska

Last year, CARE Travel made it a goal to offer more exclusive, inclusive packages for our clients, providing enhanced excursions, additional perks, and overall an amplified experience. We call these masterpieces our Signature Collections. That said, we’d like to introduce our featured World Travel’s Signature Alaska Adventure, taking place May 8, 2018, until May 20, 2018. This adventure includes the first four nights exploring Alaska and Denali Park, followed by a 7-night Princess cruise though the Inside Passage down to Vancouver. Also included is post-night transportation and lodging in Seattle, to allow more time for adventure, without feeling rushed.

The LandYour journey begins in Fairbanks, Alaska and Denali National Park. Travel into the untouched tundra wilderness, while your guide preaches the history of the park. You’ll enjoy a front row seat to unparalleled landscape views from glass-ceiling railcars and open-air observation platforms aboard. In the evenings, you will be spoiled with the ultimate experience, overlooking the Alaskan Range from your Alaskan lodge retreat.  The Water

Vivid scenery, rugged coastlines, and the diverse landscapes will hold your attention for hours on end as you sail away on this luxury Princess cruise. Sit on your balcony and watch the simplistic beatify of Alaska and Canada’s shorelines pass by. Abundant wildlife viewing opportunities surround you, from the bald eagles flying above to the whale tails slapping the surface water below. Featuring stops in historic Skagway, Alaska’s capital Juneau and the “City of Totems” Ketchikan. You’ll also infatuated by the multiple “famous” glaciers passed by daily.

Overall, your experience includes 13 Days,  25 Meals, 7 cities, a luxury dome car experience, Wilderness Tundra Tour in Denali Park, transportation, and an experience you will not soon forget. For more information and rates, please visit: CARE Travel’s Exclusive Alaska Discovery.

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