Staying Grounded & Embracing the Unknown

Bored in the house & I’m in the house bored… Can you tell I have found tik tok, during this quarantine?! Watch out I may even get brave enough to start my own and begin sharing there! Don’t worry, I draw the line at the dances! You’ll just be getting travel content from me.

In the midst of this craziness and chaos, I am finding comfort knowing the world is in this with me. Travel is completely on hold right now, and no one is even searching for travel ideas. I get it, we don’t know what tomorrow holds! However as a travel agency owner with a passion for traveling, this is the longest I have been without traveling personally or professionally in YEARS! All my trips, conferences and marketing plans have been cancelled or postponed until at least September.

In all honesty this is the perfect time for putting my “projects and ideas” into place, but I am even struggling with this due to the unknown and worries about the future of travel. What does it even look like moving forward? I know I’m not alone in this feeling.



Yet somehow I am feeling a overwhelming sense of being “grounded,” like my wings have been clipped. And as crazy as this sounds, it is actually working I am beginning to feel grounded, my visions are getting clearer, my path is still rocky and unknown, yet my heart is starting to flutter a little faster with excitement of some new direction and ventures for CARE Travel and the future.

Always, Niki


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Niki (71)